Tango Octogenario
8 1/2 x 11
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Six Feature Screenplays in Search of a Person or Persons with Vision

Girls Will Be Boys: Boy A loves Girl B who loves Boy C, who loves Boy A. Except Boy C is girl. And has a twin brother!
A witty examination of identity, gender, sexuality, and love among a group of bewildered college students. An adaptation-modernization of Shakespeare's comedy 12th Night or What You Will. Tootsie meets American Pie with higher S.A.T.s. It was written before She's the Man, and I can guarantee it'd make a better film, too.

A Floating Life: And you thought the Earth revolved around the sun?
A comedy-drama about one man's search for love, meaningful work, and the comfort of home and how this search affects his circle of friends. American Beauty meets High Fidelity.  

Wigs by Coco: It's hard to keep a good wig girl down!
A hard-working, middle class beautician from Staten Island struggles to escape the clutches of her traditional family and their funeral business to fulfill her dream of becoming a virtuoso wigmaker. A quirky comedy. Think Saturday Night Fever with a Rushmore edge and a splash of Almodovar color.

Faith in Love: Her past is her present, but is it her future?
When a middle-aged couple try to resume an affair that ended twenty-five years earlier, they discover time and distance have placed many obstacles before them, including young and very present ex-wives and parents who act like teenagers. A multigenerational romantic comedy intended for wide commercial appeal.

Campfire: Accept no substitutes. This is the best urban legend horror script ever!
A humorous horror anthology that twists familiar urban folktales (the vanishing hitchhiker, the alligator in the sewers, the escaped convict with a steel hook prosthesis, etc.) for the purposes of madcapped fun and gory bloodletting. Scream sliced and diced with Pulp Fiction. It was written before Urban Legend. And it's better, too.

Lost & Found: father & sons. a story as old as the desert sands.
A family drama set in the high desert of the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) that employs magic realism to explore its themes of father-son conflict, abandonment, and reconciliation.

There are others, but I figured these would do for now. If you'd like to know more, or if you're wondering what I'm working on now, e-mail me.